Hello and welcome, I am Sheriff Richard Fuller and I built this website so you may connect with me, follow my campaign and more importantly, follow the progress that Undersheriff Paul Matyas and I have created and maintained in Kalamazoo County.

As your sheriff for the last 7 years, I have brought our county policing into the 21st century by re-writing the standard for our services and expectations. I believe in progressive methods based on results. I work diligently and openly to ensure our community services are aligned with the community needs, now and for the future.

I have increased programs within the jail to target the number of repeat offenders. Something I take to heart. These programs teach life and work skills, address addictions and develop communication skills. Focuses are; stress management, employment application processes, and seeking needed health and behavioral services. All of this affords inmates a better opportunity to re-focus their lives and to succeed in our community.

Due to the complexities and anonymity of new technology, criminals are afforded more opportunity to expand their activities. Currently our community is witnessing opiate based drug activity, human trafficking and elder abuse. Our most powerful tool is education and cooperation in the community.

In order to maintain our progress and to ensure further development, the Sheriff’s Office needs a leader who knows the past, lives in the present and plans for the future. This leader is me.

Please visit the information tab above to see in detail the progress we created and have planned for our community's future and remember to vote Aug 2, 2016!